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Wire Cutting Machine
Product Name
Automatic Wire Cutting Stripping Machine
Product Features

This machine is an fully automatic machine for wire cutting, one-end and two-end stripping, halfstripping and middle-stripping, which is especially suitable for mass production and less quantity but various types of production.

新快三Provided with optional short-wire converter, CL-160 wire twister, CL-260L wire accepter for the production completeness.

Associated with CL-160 wire twister for both stripping and twisting.

新快三Providing broader range of design and production, applicable for wire material from AWG#14 to AWG# 30.

新快三Using Japanese 5-phase stepping motor for dimensional control to providing high productivity and precise dimensioning.

新快三Using button switch for configurations, which is easy and convenient.

新快三Operation panel providing selection of Chinese or 新快三glish display to make the operation easier and clearer.

新快三For changing wire material specification, only changing wire material specification for production.

新快三Designed with memory function for faster and more convenient production configuration.

Product Specification
Power supply AC 110∕220V
Wire size AWG# 14~30
Cutting length 1~9,999,999 mm
Stripping length 0.1~29 mm
Wire feed speed Variable
Dimensions 458 L×454 W×295 H mm
Weight Approx. 30 Kgs
Wire Length 10 mm 50 mm 100 mm 500 mm 1000 mm 5000 mm
A.Pcs-Hr 10900 10740 9780 6540 4800 1560
B.Pcs-Hr --- 9960 9120 6240 4680 1560
C.Pcs-Hr --- 9300 8580 6000 4500 1560
D.Pcs-Hr --- --- 6180 4680 3720 1440
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