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Full Automatic Terminal Crimping Machine
Product Name
Full Automatic Terminal Crimping Machine
Product Features

新快三This machine is specially designed for producing thin wire material, and uses the pad blade for adjusting the stripping length to achieve fine and precise dimensions.

The three phase speeds up to 55 wires per minute plug automated configuration and adjustment of time consumed in wire cutting, stripping, crimping, wire twisting and tin dipping.

Electrically controlled inching for easy adjustment of mold and step-by-step actions.

新快三The front stripping swing-arm (guide pipe) controls wire retaining with a cam, avoiding erroneous movements by changes in speed of the main shaft, keeping total cutting lengths.

新快三A server motor is used to keep the large and accurate feeding torque and length.

新快三Using server motor for wire feeding with fixed dimensions providing large torque and more precise wire feeding length.

Product Specification
Power supply AC 220V 50 / 60 HZ 1 phases
Wire size AWG# 20~30(Standard)
Air pressure 5~6 kg/cm2 G
Crimping force 1.2 Ton
Speed 3300 pcs-hr(300mm)
Cutting length 40~9,999 mm(Standard)
Stripping length NO.1、NO.2 Crimping side 0~10 mm
Stripping deep 100 action 2.4 mm(1 action=0.024 mm)
Capacity Cutting wire, stripping on one end, stripping both ends, crimping on one end, crimping both ends, twister on one end(optional equipments twister)
Detectors equipped Wire overload, wire load, terminal overload, terminal load, strip miss, crimp miss, air presser low, wire joint.
Dimensions 1,200 L×1,200 W×2,000 H mm
Weight Approx. 520 Kgs
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