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Automatic terminal machine manufacturers introduced
Publisher:ks-chulun  AddDate:2015/3/31 13:31:55  Hits:2465
         Speaking of automatic terminal machine manufacturers, large and small, there are many homes, but we can be like Kui Lun Machinery doing very large, very successful, several branch offices throughout the country large area manufacturers are not many.
          We Kui Lun Machinery Headquarters was established in 1975. Our headquarters in Taiwan, the new Taipei. Since our products in the mainland market has been favored by many customers and trust, customers should demand, as well as our company's development needs, we Kui Lun Machinery has set up four branches in Guangdong, Wuxi, Kunshan. We Kunshan branch was established in 2008, we introduce into all kinds of precision machine parts production and processing. Although we are Dr Wong Kunshan mechanical branch, but our technology and equipment, as well as the management headquarters are in line, the quality of our products can stand comparison, welcome new and old customers to visit and purchase. Automatic terminal machine manufacturers offer sales hotline:0512-57292200

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