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Wiring harness processing technology simple to share
Publisher:ks-chulun  AddDate:2014/12/16 13:32:06  Hits:2331
       Many kinds of wiring harness general, most of the appliances are used, and we will also be used in vehicles, also belong to harness processing industry. Dr Wong Kunshan is a professional wire processing machinery manufacturers, here we simply explain to you harness processing process.
       1In the assembly process of our common harness processing, we often cut back across the line size to meet the size of the sub item number, but it can not meet the positioning plate size, resulting in a lot of avoidable waste, to remind everyone that the same sub-item number to full inspection and visual inspection.
       2、Wiring time we have to follow the rules of a region a region of wiring, sub-item number of a single region-wide bled go and sub item number in other regions. Be sure to remember the inter-regional sub-item number must first put a simple recapture complex.
     Other details about the wire processing technology, I will not describe, we still do not understand, please call our local Kunshan Dr Wong Machinery official website call.

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